Aegean is inspired by the search for an ultra-white super-smooth surface with no impurities. It combines the beauty of a snow-white marble unfound in the natural world with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The outcome of this combination is a product that makes a striking visual impact, uniting delicacy and restfulness with a magnetic dynamism.

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Benchtop | Floor | Wall | Ventilated Facade

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iStone Panels Are The Ultimate Architectural Surface. They Can Be Used For Countless Interior And Exterior Applications Including Walls, Floors, Benchtops, Splash Backs, Furniture, Ventilated Facades And Much More. The Large Format IStone Panels Make It Possible To Minimise Joints For A Clean, Streamlined Appearance. The Availability Of 4mm, 6mm, 12mm And 20mm Thickness Panels Makes The IStone Material Versatile And Able To Suit Any Environment.

iStone panels are an extremely durable and cost effective alternative to marble, stone, terrazzo and concrete. The unique properties of the iStone material provides a stain, scratch, bacteria, heat and frost resistant surface without compromising aesthetic appearance. The extremely low porosity levels make the iStone panels fundamentally hygienic, low maintenance and durable.

iStone panels offer over 100 luxurious designs that capture the raw beauty of marble, stone, terrazzo and concrete. Our philosophy is not only to create our own unique designs, but to improve on the beautiful surfaces already available in the world. Available in a range of sizes up to 1630x3240mm and thicknesses up to 20mm, the versatility of the iStone panels are beyond that of any other surface material.

iStone panels are made in Italy and Spain from entirely natural minerals and materials. The surfaces are dyed with water-based inks and glazes to deliver environmentally friendly and consumer safe surfaces. All iStone panels are non-toxic and free from chemical binders and waxes that may produce harmful gases. Our manufacturers and products are LEED certified.

iStone panels are low maintenance luxury, their beautiful designs making them the feature in any environment. With multiple finishes, sizes and thicknesses, the panels can be utilised for any application in a home. Suitable for use in new builds and renovations.

From high-traffic floors to custom-made receptions desks, iStone panels are an excellent asset in any commercial space. In addition to their extreme durability and low porosity, iStone panels are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Strong, beautiful and non-toxic: iStone panels transcend when applied as kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Large format sizing ensures minimal joints, while hygienic and heat resistant properties can support professional kitchens.

Non-combustible properties combined with resistance to UV rays, heat, frost and ice make iStone panels an excellent material for cladding facades. Other notable outdoor applications include fireplace surrounds and alfresco living areas.

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